Open air landscape in Burg Hochosterwitz and its surroundings

1. Description

This course takes place wholly in the open air in different iconic spots of Hochosterwitz and its surroundings. The aim is for the student to have four-hour sessions in which to produce small format paintings, no larger 20 x 30 cm, in the form of a sketch that reflects the essence of the model to be interpreted. During each session the student must begin two paintings. This exercise enables the student to understand and express on canvas the problems of light and colour offered by the endless variations of Nature, following an exact teaching method that embodies the fundamentals of oil painting technique.  

The course will take place in July and August from 10.00 to 14.00 and from17.00 to  21.00. The minimum number of participants per teacher is four, with a maximum of ten. 

2. Teachers

Alejandro DeCinti (Spanish Language)

Rafael Ramírez Máro (Languages Spanish, English and German)

Oscar Villalón (Spanish and Italian Languages)

3. Schedule 

  week 1 week 2 week 3 week 4

4. Price


5. Photo Gallery

hoch carintia
san jorge
Sankt Georgen am Laengsee

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