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"Khevenhüller, Temporis pons per saecula. Art in Hochosterwitz“.

Works by:  Alejandro DeCinti, Lorenz Friedrich, Rafael Ramírez Máro, Oscar Villalón
Texts:  Raúl Alonso Sáez , Alfredo Alvar_Ezquerra, Jesús Cámara, Conde Karl Khevenhüller-Metsch, Michael Nungesser, Dr. Helmut Orpel.

Photography: Jens Schultzego link

Book, 21 x 26 cm, 84 pages
Printed version in German
Electronic version in German and Spanish.

Through a selection of classic works (Tintoretto, Pantoja de la Cruz) and contemporaries, the visitor is offered a tour of the close relationship between Hochosterwitz Castle and the Khevenhüllers in European political, social and art history from the Renaissance, with texts written by the current Count Karl Khevenhüller and the Spanish Art Historian Raúl Alonso. Portraits of the Khevenhüller family by Alejandro DeCinti and a selection of paintings by Rafael Ramírez Máro and Oscar Villalón will help present interesting aspects of the History of Hans Khevenhüller.
The four volumes of the large 1780 Spanish edition of Don Quixote belonging to the museum are presented with a study of the edition by Alfredo Alvar Ezquerra and the Don Quixote cycle of paintings by Rafael Ramírez Máro.
Paintings by Alejandro DeCinti, Rafael Ramírez Máro and Oscar Villalón on a free range of topics and sculptures by the emerging artist Lorenz Friedrich from Carinthia complete the exhibition.

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